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We support a custom range of activities tailored specifically to your farm's needs. Your can track different jobs as hourly or piecework. We record the info on the location where the work is being done and what fruit is taken care of.

We also support activities for general duties that are not directly related to the harvest process e.g. you can track your workshop or office staff.

We support multiple records per person per day with a separate lunch time for each one of them.

It is compeletely up to you how specific or how general your timesheets will be.


Use our Android Fieldapp to clock your workers on and off.

There are a few options to select an employee depending on your needs and hardware available:

You can add presets to streamline the process even more. Pick your activity and how you want it to be paid, tap the "Add preset" button and pick some meaningful name for the preset.

To choose the "Presets" tab as your default when entering the screen:

To select the default location for timesheet records:

If a more likely location is detected, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. That might happen, for example, when an employee is trying to clock on onto the Picking activity for the fruit with no matching Blocks at the current location.

If you need to assign multiple workers to the same activity - group clock on\off is also possible. Pick the 'Group clock on' option after choosing your activity to confirm the record on the employee id scan. Group clock on only works with barcode scanners and Agribit Passport cards.

The right screen to use is called "Timeclock".

To check the timesheets for the last several days use the "Timesheet" screen

Currently, editing timesheet records on the phone is not allowed.


Our Windows Fieldapp offers similar experience to the Android version.

You can pick an activity and whether you want to pay it hourly or piecerate.

You can select an employee by either scanning the barcode on their card or typing their employee id.

Presets and Agribit Passport cards are currently not supported

To select the default location for timesheet records:

The right screen to use is called "Time clock".

"Group time clock" screen allows you to clock multiple employees on by scanning barcodes on their ID cards

"Time sheet" screen allows you to check records for the last several days

Currently, editing timesheet records through the Windows Fieldapp is not allowed.


Farm Management System available for your Windows 10 machines allows you to edit existing and create missing timesheet records.

Tools to work with Timesheets are located under Work tab\Timesheet

Search menu on the top left of the screen allows you to select and filter records by a range of parameters.

"Functions" menu allows you to perform bulk edit operations and add missing records into the system.

Editing a single record

To edit the record press the "Edit" button to the right of it. To cancel your changes press "Cancel" and to apply them press "Save".

The following fields are available for editing:

Currently, it in not possible to turn a piecework activity into hourly and vice versa. Please be aware of that when editing records.

To delete a record press "Edit" and then "Delete"(cross).

Deleted records can be monitored by pressing "Show deleted" in the top search menu.

Currently, it is not possible to recover deleted records from the FMS.


There are several functions available for more efficient editing of timesheets:

Lunch time

When the 'Clock off' activity is chosen - you can select how much lunch the worker had. Lunch time is deducted from the total hours worked. For example, an hourly employee clocks on at 6 AM and clocks off at 11 AM with 30 minutes of lunch. They will get 4.5 hours of work for that day on their payslip.